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Brand Guidelines

Brand standards are the rules & guidelines that protect the look and presentation of a business. They help standardize design and creative work in order to maintain the integrity of the brand.

Standards can include: Color Palette Typography Logo Design, Wordmarks, Spacing and Size Restrictions

Consistency is crucial in making your brand recognizable and reliable. Following the standards means the overall identity is cohesive, which has many benefits, including increasing your brand’s perceived value.

In addition to having standards for your own brand (which I'd be happy to talk about!), when referencing other brands, it's important to respect their guidelines as well.

An example - and one I have to remind myself of frequently - is social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. all have rules about how their logos can be used, even when you are advertising your own brand and referring users to their networks... Did you know that you're allowed to say "Like us on Facebook" but not "Follow us on Facebook" when advertising your page?

Have questions about this? Send me a message!

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