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About Me

I am a Marketing & Business consultant who takes a collaborative approach to helping you and your small business boost leads and sales, generate local awareness, and train your team on representing your brand.

I specialize in digital marketing and event management - but offer much more! I'd love to chat about other projects, such as office organization or hiring new team members. If I'm not able to help, I'd be happy to put you in touch with someone from my network. Contact me to set up your FREE 30-min consultation.


"Leia Owen will do an outstanding job for you and your business and marketing needs. Leia puts 100% plus into everything she does,whether your requirements are huge or minimal, I feel that the main reason Leia Owen - Marketing & Business Consultant is so successful is that she cares so much for her clients and their success."

Guest of honor at 75th Birthday Party (organized & run by Leia Owen)

Mary Bruso

"The most precious thing for a small business owner is time - you're trying to balance making sure your business is running and represented in the way you want it to be with actually running your business! It's hard to let go of this marketing component and simultaneously there is never enough time to do it all yourself...enter Leia! Her ability to seamlessly represent my business just as I would is not a quality that everyone has, and I would recommend her without hesitation. She's extremely professional, highly organized and after several years of working together I can honestly say Leia's involvement in my business has been key in its continued success."

Co-Owner of Hobson's Homemade & Serendipity Cafe (Maynard)

Laura Hobson