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Add-ons and a la carte services

Brand Refresh

Includes a full exploration of current brand standards, establishing new standards, and a strategy for updating the guidelines and design choices to match business as it has evolved. This is a collaborative process and will include several exercises and activities for the client. Open to new and current clients.

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Print Essentials Package

Includes design of business cards, brochures, and flyers to advertise your business.


Often paired with the "Brand Refresh" Add-On Project. Open to new and current clients.

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Social Media Starter

Starting a new brand and looking to get set up online? This is for you! Includes design and set up (graphics, pages, copy, etc.) for profiles on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google MyBusiness, and LinkedIn. Includes video conference to discuss your vision and develop a plan.

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Hiring Guide

Seeking new team members? Get feedback on job description and online postings and guidance on interview questions plus someone to sit-in on interviews to provide a third party objective on the responses and to help analyze how the candidates would (or would not) fit within the role and with your current team.

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Lead Magnet Design

Includes design and set up for up to 3 lead magnets (single or multi-page PDF downloads), landing pages to collect contact information, and email automations to distribute PDFs and welcome new contacts.

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Office Overhaul

Includes implementation of filing systems, organization of office space and storage, streamlining of registration and intake procedures, and training of employees on how to use and maintain new systems.


Open to new and current clients.

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