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8 Things You Can Do If You're Running Out of Content Ideas

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

1.Free write: I use some Piccadilly writing prompt journals (pictured below - I buy them at Target) in the mornings to get me into content-creation mode. You can also keep a journal (digital or written) and free-write (do not plan, organize, or edit - just write) for at least five minutes to get your ideas flowing. 2. Ask your audience: What do your followers want to see? What questions do they have? Check in with your followers and find out what they would like to see from you. 3. Share testimonials: Need a break from writing your own content from scratch? Pull a review from another site or ask a recent customer/client for a testimonial that you can share. People love to hear from other consumers when they are making decisions on what to buy, who to work with, etc. 4. Stretch: Yes, getting up and taking a walk to stretch your body can be a big help... but what I really mean is to stretch your mind. Turn on a podcast, listen to an audiobook, or find a playlist with some inspirational music. 5. Brainstorm: Sit down and write a list of 10 ideas. If that seems too difficult, then plan to write down 20. The more ideas you add to your brainstorm, the more likely you are to come up with one that works! Try word associations, asking yourself questions, and even doing some quick internet searches (check Quora, Reddit, or Google Keyword Planner) to see the kind of things people are already wondering about. 6. Set up an idea-tracking system: create a way to track any thoughts or ideas you have - send "notes to self" via text message or email, utilize tools like iPhone notes app, Evernote, or Voxer, carry around a small memo pad ... I don't know about you, but I come up with more ideas when I'm taking a shower, driving, or trying to fall asleep than when I'm staring at a blank page or sitting down at my computer. 7. Turn your roadblock into a story: stuck with some writer's block? overwhelmed and just fresh out of ideas? Write about that experience! What is holding you back at the moment? What has been going on in your life? Share about that and -for you overachievers- engage with your audience and ask them what's going on in their lives. Adding a bit of humanity, especially for a small business or soloproneur, builds trust and rapport with your audience. 8. Repurpose your content: When all else fails, revisit an old blog post, email campaign, or post from another platform and reuse. You can add follow ups, new thoughts, and add a fresh image then share on a new platform. Expand on an earlier tweet. Pull highlights from a blog. Reflect on a facebook share. Transcribe a video and use for a caption.


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