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Spring Cleaning: Reflections for Biz Owners

1) Done is better than perfect (since "perfect" usually translates to "never finished"). If you're waiting for the perfect email, the perfect social post, the perfect moment... it will never happen. Do we want things to be the best versions they can be? Of course. Do we want to put our best foot forward? Of course. But - don't let that get in the way of you doing anything at all. Often, done is good enough.

2) Do what I say, not what I do! My parents used to say this to me and now I repeat it often. Like many business owners, managers, freelancers, and people in general - I have a tendency to put myself last. If my clients' social isn't scheduled, their email drafts aren't ready, etc. then I feel guilty working my own. So - sometimes I rush through an email campaign, throw together a social post, or you may not hear from me for a while. I'm trying to be better about this, but again - nothing is perfect! Follow the advice and tips I share, since that info is tested and researched and totally solid, but know that I don't have my own you-know-what together 24/7, and I don't expect you to, either.

(A final thought: I hope my comments will inspire you to put yourself first today... and if you do, I'll support you - typos, missed phone calls, and all!)

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