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Quick Guide for Working From Home

I *love* working from home, but it may be new and pose unexpected challenges for some of you... here are a few tips and reminders:

- Have a routine: wake up, get dressed, make coffee, etc.This can be the same as your "regular" routine or can be tailored to your new WFH lifestyle. (This one is the hardest for me, but I think it makes a huge difference)

-Set a schedule (and stick to it). Routines and plans have changed, but free range "work time" can lead to a lack of direction, motivation, and productivity. Figure out what your new routines can be and follow them.

(Also, just because you're working from home, doesn't mean you have to "take your work home with you" ... log off at an appropriate time, leave your work behind you, and spend some time taking care of yourself, hanging out with your quarantine buddies, and getting some R & R. Try to avoid sending messages and expecting a response *or* responding to messages that have been sent to you outside of "regular working hours." Respect other's time and space - we're all being challenged in a variety of ways at the moment, so empathy and kindness will go a long way.)

- Wear pants! Getting dressed gets you into the right mindset but is also crucial for any video chats that may come up...

- Designate a "work space:" whether you have a home office or not, I believe it is important to set aside physical space for when you are in ~work mode~ ... this also helps with mindset and ensures that when you are relaxing around your home later on, you won't feel like you "should" be working.

- Communicate your needs to your family or roommates: let the people around you know when you will need to be left alone, what times you will be on the phone, and when you will be available for them. This is definitely easier with adults than kiddos, but setting boundaries early can help everything go smoothly later. Remember this situation is weird for everyone and it may take time to adjust to the "new normal."

- Communicate with your colleagues, employees, etc. Set expectations for when you will be available, what you will need to be able to get your work done, and be clear about what you can (or can't) reasonably handle. Many of you are now wearing extra hats around-the-clock (teacher, caretaker, personal chef, and so on - in addition to your professional ones) so you may need to scale back on other responsibilities (conversely, with all of this free time, you may be looking for extra work - so be clear about that, too).

-Allow yourself to take small breaks and don't beat yourself up if you become distracted ... take a walk, have a snack, etc., and return in a few minutes after you've hit your "reset button."

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