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Marketing in a few minutes... tips for you!

a few "hacks" you can implement ASAP:

- Verify and update your Google Business Listing! Complete the profile with all of your business details (location and service area, business hours, website and booking information, and products or services) to boost your "searchability."

- For Instagram Reels audio, instead of using the MOST popular audio ... use newly released or "trending" audio under 10,000 Reels, as these sound files will likely be trending within a few weeks (or days, in some cases!)...

- Send an email campaign (this is more of a reminder than a "hack"). Whether you have been sending regular emails, haven't sent one in a while, or have never sent one - do it ASAP! Some of the benefits (but not all) include: stay in touch with your audience and reach them directly in their inbox, you can target specific audiences with particular campaigns, and you'll have a back up for social media, since you don't own your followers or their contact info (you DO own your email contacts!).

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