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What type of learner are you?

Here are a few things you can do at work (or home) to help you be more effective and productive, based on your learning style:

Look here, Visual Learners!

The best ways to present information to visual learners include: -diagrams and charts -pictures and videos

If your employees are visual learners: written lists, charts, and how-to videos are a great ways to present trainings and task lists. If your boss or supervisor is a visual learner: written presentations with many visual aids (again: charts, graphs, and diagrams) are a great way to share information. I'm a visual learner and have to write EVERYTHING down, otherwise I'll forget it. Verbal directions go "in through one ear and out the other" - I take notes almost constantly so I can refer back to them.

Listen up, Auditory Learners!

If you are an auditory learner or work with folks that are, this type of learner prefers: - speeches - audio recordings - training with opportunities for dialogue

These types of learners are great listeners and can notice patterns in dialogue and lectures. If your employees are auditory learners, voice recordings are a great way to pass on information and to-do lists. If your boss or supervisor is an auditory learner, discussions and speeches are the best way to present new information to them.

Explore this, Kinesthetic Learners!

If you are, or work with, a kinesthetic learner - experiential learning and hands-on projects are best.

Kinesthetic learners prefer activities like -simulations -working with physical objects -walk-throughs

If your boss or supervisor is a kinesthetic learner, physical models and life-like representations are the best way to deliver proposals and reports. Rather than showing or telling, have them walk through an idea or situation with you.

Looking to hire a new team member? Trying to find better ways to manage your team? I'd be happy to help - book a consult here.

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